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Welcome to the Zodiac Ciphers wiki

This wiki is an attempt to gather all useful factual and verifiable information pertaining to the ciphers associated with the "Zodiac Killer". It is also a place to post results of experimental analysis of the ciphers.

There is so much information on these ciphers, but it is very hard to find in one place. This wiki tries to correct this problem by curating factual tidbits, experimental results, and analysis in a single location.

Site contents:

Discredited or inconclusive solution attempts

  • Daryll Lathers' 340 solution: Overuse of anagrams, and polyalphabetic assignments of plaintext letters to cipher symbols:
  • Traveller1st's partial 340 solution: A demonstration of how partial solutions can be created which contain Zodiac-related words and phrases:
  • Özcan Türkmen's solution: Overuse of anagrams, and many other subjective interpretations of plaintext fragments:
  • Partial solution by Jonas: A solution that contains a name and a few legible words, but much gibberish.
  • Thomas Dougherty's code theory: A production of plaintext letters arbitrarily expanded into full words.
  • Lyndon Lafferty (13 cipher): A combination of approaches that produces ambiguous solutions.
  • Corey Starliper (340 cipher): An arbitrary decryption system that permits the insertion of a predetermined message.
  • AK Wilks / Zander Kite (32, 408, and 340 ciphers): These decryption systems permit many arbitrary solutions due to vast spaces of possible selections.
  • Robert Graysmith (340 cipher): Selective use of anagramming and other techniques, resulting in an incoherent message typical of anagram-based solutions.
  • John Cecil: Relaxes the "one plaintext letter per symbol" constraint, resulting in easily fitting a pre-conceived plaintext.
  • Hal Kravcik
  • Chris Farmer / OPORD
  • rand
  • Robert P. Ackerman
  • back2good
  • AuthUser
  • Pax
  • dronjom
  • Rembrandt
  • Hal 9000
  • hermeswest
  • Miscellaneous

Discussions regarding these and other solution attempts

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